Sunday, 13 November 2011


Wow what can I say?

I was done for the day with my blog.

Then I was asked to do something amazing.

My friend is a very talented photographer, unlike me. She and another three businesses are fundraising for a family and their little girl with profound disabilities and a dazzling smile.

I have tagged and shared where I could and will participate in the clothes swap and donate some wine for gifts and auction.

Tonight however I was asked to "PIMP THE CUBBY".

Apparently that is my skill, my forte, only I can girly it up on a budget, which is great in keeping with my most recent post Thrifty not shifty.

To be asked by friends to help them is a privilege and gives you a great feeling.

To be asked by friends to help complete strangers, well that is an honour that words fail to describe.

I hope to do this little girl, her baby sister and mother and father proud.

Girly stuff is easy and I have everything I need to hopefully make this little Cubby a home for these two little cherubs.

It is a 24/7 workload that is unrelenting and unforgiving to parents of disabled children. It does however come with its own joys and triumphs that parents of non-disabled children won't experience in the same way.

As many of you know I work amongst many disabled clientele and I love my work. To be able to "play" amongst this family with a child with a disability and hopefully create them something delightful well that will be a joy. The last time I did something voluntarily for a family with a disabled child was back when I was studying and a severely disabled 8yo girl, her mum and grandmother were trialling a patterning program and needed volunteers.

While I have just collected a series of things for our cubby house and when I put it together it will look great, I am delighted that I will get to put my creative genius to further use.

I am so grateful to be asked and hope I do them all proud.


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