Friday, 28 October 2011


Today is a day for Daniel. Those in Australia have watched this mystery and now confirmed murder since 2003.

A 13 year old boy in a red T-shirt disappeared on Queensland's sunshine coast and until recently was not found. We now know he was murdered and the alleged perpetrator of this crime is in custody, small mercy.

Today around the nation thousands of schoolchildren are wearing red in memory of Daniel.
This is a fundraising effort to raise awareness of child safety.

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A bit closer to home and another shattered parent is finding strength through helping others through her tragedy. Sonya Ryan lost her daughter Carly who was 15 in 2007 to an internet predator. Sonya through the Carly Ryan Foundation raises money for awareness and promotion of cybersafety.

Through education and awareness they hope to save lives.

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There are unfortunately too many stories like this to tell. I wish there were none.

Hold your children close to you and cherish them in your hearts. The trick is to not be overwhelmed by the evil that exists in this world and smother your children. If you do so then you will never teach them to be street smart.

Be aware as a parent educate yourself, be smart, be safe.

Evil will always exist in the world, it is just the way it goes.

Thank you the Morcombe family and Sonya Ryan for the work you do to try and keep our children safe.

I wish for you that your journey through life is a safe one.

P.S. Whilst some of our children are purposely taken too early, other children have a struggle from the start but manage a smile that breaks a thousand hearts. See Ella Skye's Backyard Dreams.

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